Birthday Parties

It is your child’s special day, and you want to have an activity that is fun, exciting, and interactive….
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It’s time for a Drumming Birthday Party!

Path To Rhythm will help you to have a remarkable and memorable party experience.


Why Adam and Path To Rhythm?
As a parent, I understand the significance of creating a birthday party for a child that feels special, fun, and unique. I have experience working with children of all ages. I have taught drumming and facilitated drum circle classes for many years. It is my passion to share my gift of rhythm and enrich lives through drumming.

What do you do for a typical party?
A typical party consists of a 30 minute drum circle in which I facilitate the group and enable them to drum together by incorporating light instruction, activities, rhythmic games, and an interactive story with drumming.

What are the benefits of drumming, and what are the reasons to have it at a party?
Some of the benefits of having a drumming birthday party are:
*Drumming together is FUN!
*Group drumming creates a feeling of community and connectedness.
*Drumming has been used for centuries by most cultures around the world to enhance special occasions and celebrations, in this way we can reconnect to our histories.
*Drumming is a low-barrier entry into group music making (Jamming!!!).
*No previous experience necessary to participate, drumming is intrinsic (and kids love it).

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You were awesome!  Oliver thought this was the coolest party ever, and the parents thought you were such a great guy!!!! The kids were mesmerized and thrilled by the drums, and back at school on Monday they were still talking about you and the drum party. Parents were also saying how much fun it was for them to be able to participate and how great you were with the kids. Oliver loved it, and we are so appreciative.
Thank you,

-Michele Kessler, Upper West Side, NYC

“Adam rocks and his energy alone makes you feel happy to be in his presence! The kids and the adults loved the drumming and jamming together. I couldn’t be happier with the way that my son Jaden’s Birthday Party turned out!”
Bernadette M. Ayers, Brooklyn, NY

Contact me, and let’s get started in creating an awesome event for your child!

DSC_0931Adam Issadore,  Path To Rhythm