Cultural Arts Assemblies: Changing the Way Programs are Presented to Students in NY, NJ, CT & PA

We have all seen assemblies for Elementary Schools that have been ineffective because of the size of the audience. It’s time to rethink how the traditional assembly is presented!
How can students be fully engaged when they are physically uncomfortable, sitting on a floor with hundreds of other students?
The standard “two assemblies in a morning”, Kindergarten through second grade, and then third through fifth grade, is not serving our students any more.
We have also seen how uncomfortable it can be for teachers and administrators when a program is brought into school for an assembly, and the students are disengaged because the performers in the assembly do not have the management skills needed to lead and engage the students.
The program that Path To Rhythm offers is unique in the solution that we provide: We offer a group drumming experience for each grade. This means we bring up to 65 drums, and each grade has their own forty minute session. We fit in up to seven sessions in a day. We work with the school to create a schedule that will allow each grade to drum together.
A day of drumming with Path To Rhythm at your school is a day of excitement, learning and experiencing hands on interactive music making while playing instruments from other cultures.
We are experienced educators and we commit to providing excellent management to enable each group to reach their fullest potential and maintain engagement through out our program.

To learn more about our program, download our FREE  13 page “Educator’s Guide”, a full color pdf file complete with photos. Click here to download.

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