“I would like to send a big thanks and a huge hug to Adam. The Path to Rhythm experience at Liberty Lake Day camp was awesome. To see so many of our campers (young and old) embrace drumming, music, and the idea of creating something together was great! Adam’s enthusiasm and love for drumming transferred to all of our campers and the lucky staff that had the chance to participate. This awesome experience culminated in an explosion of energy and music at Camp-a-Palooza and made the festival not only interactive, but memorable for all who watched Path to Rhythm in action! Thanks so much to Adam for sharing his time and talent with all of us at Liberty Lake!”
-Brandi Carnivale, Program Director, Liberty Lake Day Camp

“Simply stated, Path to Rhythm is a wonderful program for any camp. Adam’s passion for drumming is absolutely contagious! He is a summer camp guy who understands the camp dynamic and environment so incredibly well. His rapport with the campers and staff is outstanding and his ability to tailor workshops based on different age groups was remarkable. We were so happy that we made Path To Rhythm part of our summer programming experience.”
-Brian Krug, Director, Camp Canadensis

“Adam is a gifted teacher and a wonderful role model, my son loves playing the drums at his lessons with Adam. ”
-Julianne Moore,  actress and parent

“Thumbs up to Adam! ”
-Andy Pritikin, American Camping Association NY Board of Directors  

“Thank you Adam; it was a tremendous pleasure working with you. You are a gifted musician and teacher, and a heck of a fisherman! We all appreciated your great energy here at camp.”
-John Jannone, Director, Camp Ballibay

“I feel honored to have had Adam in my life as a mentor, teacher and friend for the last 12 years. His deep insight into music is only trumped by his passion for imparting it. I am excited on behalf of his current and future students knowing what a great experience they are in for!”
Jordan Perlson, professional drummer and touring musician

You were awesome!  Oliver thought this was the coolest birthday party ever, and the parents thought you were such a great guy!!!! The kids were mesmerized and thrilled by the drums, and back at school on Monday they were still talking about you and the drum party. Parents were also saying how much fun it was for them to be able to participate and how great you were with the kids. Oliver thought this was the coolest party ever, and we are so appreciative.
Thank you,

-Michele Kessler, Upper West Side, NYC

“Adam and his team from Path to Rhythm are terrific.  The program was phenomenal and very engaging with all the campers of varying ages.  Path to Rhythm is a great way to introduce music to your campers .  Adam has tons of energy and it rubs off on the campers and staff.  Additionally, Adam personally developed a curriculum for our music program.  It is was easy to follow for our staff and delivered terrific results.  If you want to add music or enhance your music program at your camp, Adam and Path to Rhythm are the people to talk to!”
-Steven Bernstein, Director, Diamond Ridge Camps

“We were fortunate enough to have Adam come in on the first and last day of our program. I was amazed by the astounding impact it had on the campers. The experience not only helped everyone feel more at ease with each other, but I found that we each connected with each other in a way that surpassed any words or “getting to know you games”. Adam made us all feel comfortable to be ourselves and experience the beats with our own unique interpretation. Girls that were shy or apprehensive suddenly found themselves dancing solo in the middle of the drum circle with a smile on their face. I highly recommend Adam to anyone looking for a program to open their group up to the joys of rhythm, music, and a world of uninhibited fun!
Thank you!”
-Naomi Levin, Director, Creative Arts Camp, Brooklyn, NY