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It will come as no surprise that today more than ever, Music and Arts are the most needed programs for our children, and yet more and more schools are experiencing difficulty in providing these programs.

Studies have proven again and again the benefits of music making. A few of the benefits are:
-Increases capacity for learning.
-Relieves stress.
-Creates joy.

We help school administrators, PTA’s and teachers to bring excellent music programs to students. We do this through our Assemblies, Teaching Artist Residencies and Cultural Arts Initiatives.

Path To Rhythm Cultural Arts Programs for 2018-2019

A Day of Group Drumming: “Everybody Drums!”(appropriate for all Grade Levels)

We bring authentic African hand drums called Djembes to your location and lead interactive, 30-minute sessions of drumming for groups of 25-70 participants including students, teachers and administrators. Path To Rhythm is suited for all age groups and grade levels of children and young adults. A full day of drumming in your school is educational and filled with community building opportunities. This program will create a buzz and excitement that will be the talk of the school for days following our visit. Students will be inspired and feel a new sense of community and school spirit.

Assembly: “Rhythm Inside and Out” (appropriate for K-5)

This assembly will take students on a journey through different geographic regions of the world and will focus on tracing the roots of rhythm from Africa to modern day American cities. Through demonstration, students will be taught about percussion instruments, including the drum set, and nontraditional instruments that are used to express rhythm, such as bucket drums and use of body percussion. The performance culminates with an instructional movement piece where students learn the popular Reggaeton rhythm and participate in a facilitated Zumba-style group dance while listening to the rhythms performed by the musicians.

Assembly: “The Rhythms of Brazil” (ties into State Learning Standards for Grades 3-5)

In this highly interactive assembly, students will learn about the rhythms of Brazil. Percussion instruments used in traditional Brazilian Samba will be demonstrated. Students will learn about call and echo, and call and response techniques commonly used to teach rhythm. This assembly features use of many percussion instruments, among those including the Amadinda (large marimba) that enables eight students at a time to play. The performance culminates with an instructional movement piece where students learn the Samba and participate in a group dance while listening to the rhythms performed by the musicians.

Assembly: “A History of New York’s Rhythm”
(ties into State Learning Standards for Grade 4)

This interactive assembly takes a look at the use of percussion instruments in the history of New York State, from Native Americans to modern day New York City. Through demonstration, students will learn about the Buffalo Drum, Fife and Bugle, the drum set, and modern day “Do It Yourself” bucket drums and street percussion.

Words from Our Clients

“Thank you Adam and Path To Rhythm. The consensus, from teachers, students, parents and our principal was that the program was a home run.  Thanks for being such an inspiring and engaging artist.  As a learning community we find drumming to be a very valuable and worthwhile art form, we will continue to make this kind of residency a part of our programming.”
-Russell Caplan, PTA President, South Mountain Elementary School

“The Path To Rhythm program held at the Riverdale School was a wonderful experience for our elementary students (pre-K through grade four). It was a great interactive program that incorporated numerous skills of various content areas into a marvelous hands-on program. Our facilitator, presenter and performer, Mr. Adam Issadore, had the perfect nature and management skills needed for our children; our children’s attention was held throughout the duration of the program! I highly recommend this program and the worthwhile learning experience that it incorporated.
-Vicki Pede, Superintendent of Schools, Riverdale NJ

“This was our first year having Adam come to our school to run drumming sessions for our third graders. It was a real “hit!” Adam’s organization of the program and passion for music and instruction was clear for all to see. Students and teachers felt comfortable taking risks and each learned skill led to a more challenging task. It was wonderful to see the students listening, learning, smiling, and becoming a community around music. We will definitely make this part of our yearly Cultural Arts program and look forward to bringing it to other grade levels as well.”
-Gayle Lander
Principal, Tenafly, NJ

“Our students and staff were highly energized and engaged throughout the assembly. We all played instruments, danced, sang and had a blast! Our students left the assembly with a deeper appreciation of music and rhythm. Thank you for exposing them to the possibility of being a musician.”
-Ms. Greico, Principal, Margetts Elementary School, NY

“Thank you for running such a great drumming program for our school. The students and faculty truly enjoyed the experience of drumming together.”
-Derrick Chell, Vice Principal, Memorial Middle School, NJ

“The excitement and level of student engagement was extraordinary!”
-Mike Scarantino, Principal, F.E> Bellows Elementary School, Mamaroneck, NY

“Path To Rhythm came to Paradise Knoll Elementary school, for an amazing day of assemblies! Every grade (kindergarten – 6th grade) had a 30 minute assembly were they learned about the Djembe, and then were able to play on one- there were enough Djembe for each student! EVERYONE LOVED IT!!! The teachers, staff and students all said it was the BEST assembly they ever had!!! Thank you for an amazing day!”
-Jennifer King, PTA Cultural Arts Chair, Paradise Knoll Elementary School, NJ

“As a part of the Cultural Arts Committee for my son’s school, I contacted Path To Rhythm to find out about having a day of drumming for the students. I was immediately struck by Adam’s responsiveness and professionalism. He communicated the information in a timely and efficient manner on how to go about scheduling and creating a remarkable day for the students. The day Adam came to the school he was punctual and ready for action with a huge smile, drums for all of the participants and a great spirit. The students and staff had an amazing time, the hands on the drums and the rhythm they created together was something that everyone was raving about and something they will remember for a long time to come!”
– Jessica Maarek, Parent, Cedar Grove, NJ

“Everyone raved about the program and how much the kids enjoyed their time with you. I was so happy that we were able to find you and to secure your visit to Brookside Elementary.”
-Thomas Conroy, Principal, Brookside Elementary School, Westwood, NJ

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