Remembering Michael Goldberg

I am writing this for my Camp Akiba Family, or as we like to call each other, Akibites.  On October 2, 2014, Michael Goldberg left this earthly plane. He fought hard against cancer for many years. I am grateful that I got the chance to see him at the Akiba Reunion of  2004. I do Read More

Interview on Inspired by Life Show

Check out this interview that I did as a guest on Matthew Coast's Inspired By Life Show. We talk about living life with passion, the importance of mentors, and what I want to create in the world Read More

Good work!

I received an email this morning through my website. The message (below) was short and sweet and it made my day. Thank you Katy! I found your website through a friend's fb page. My business partner and I direct summer camps for children with a parent incarcerated, and drums are our primary method of healing Read More

This video is special to him because it happens to be his grandfather that is featured in it (playing with drum sticks). Scott was ecstatic to have stumbled upon this video.  Scott is an amazing musician in his own right. I have been playing music with Scott off and on for the past twenty years Read More

Editor's note: this is a follow up on a previous post entitled Are Children Starting to Drum at A Younger Age? I have been contacted by several parents who have asked me what I feel would be the best way for them to support their young child's desire to drum. These parents were speaking of Read More

At the music school where I teach, there is a pre-school program. There is an art class for five year olds that meets in the afternoon. Every week I have the pleasure of seeing young faces peer through the window and smile as they watch and listen to me and my students playing the drums Read More

Adam’s camp story (of the century)

PART I Camp is in my soul... My parents, Mark and Fran, were married for six years when they took the job working at Camp Akiba in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania in the summer of 1976. Working at a camp was ideal for them because my father was a school teacher with the summer Read More