I had an amazing time participating in the concert event put on by Liberty Lake Day Camp called Camp-A-Palooza. This is a huge festival-style event that the camp puts on for the campers that features live music, games, food, and all kinds of ridiculously fun things to do.

I worked with groups of campers all week, preparing them to perform at the big concert. We rocked the house by opening the show with a Path To Rhythm BOOM! It was awesome to see how much energy and excitement the group drumming program created.

I also got on stage and performed with singer-songwriter Jared Campbell. I jammed on drums with him for a few tunes, and I even got into some beat-boxing on his version of “Rapper’s Delight”. If you are not familiar with Jared’s work, I suggest you go download this album from iTunes. (I listened to it every day for the entire week that I was at Liberty Lake and it became my favorite jam.)

Another highlight for me was joining Andy Pritikin and the Liberty Lake House Band to play the Liberty Lake theme song. This song is by far the best and catchiest camp song that I have heard in my 25 plus years of camping experience. The campers love it! Congrats to Brandi Carnivale for a job well done.

Check out the video below to see Camp-A-Palooza in action.


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  • Brandi Carnivale September 14, 2010, 11:37 am

    I would like to send a big thanks and a huge hug to Adam. The Path to Rhythm experience at Liberty Lake Day camp was awesome. To see so many of our campers (young and old) embrace drumming, music, and the idea of creating something together was great! Adam’s enthusiasm and love for “jamming out” transferred to all of our campers and the lucky staff that had the chance to participate. This awesome experience culminated in an explosion of energy and music at Camp-a-Palooza and made the festival not only interactive, but memorable for all who watched Path to Rhythm in action! Thanks so much to Adam for sharing his time and talent with all of us at Liberty Lake and special thanks for allowing me to “jam out”-I was totally stoked!

  • Fran September 16, 2010, 6:42 pm

    Awesome program! Lucky campers!

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