#YearInReview Looking back at 2010

This post is inspired by Seth Godin, he has been one of my biggest inspirations in the year of 2010 to motivate me to do work and accomplish specific goals.

I have compiled a list of things that I set out to do in 2010 for and that I saw through until they were completed and accomplished, or as Seth says in his book Linchpin, things that I have shipped.

  • Drum circle event at The Marvelwood School for two groups of 75 students
  • Rockland JCC drumming day  for elementary school children
  • Appeared as a guest artist for JCC Camp J-Land
  • attended 2010 ACA Tri-State Camp Conference and completed three interviews for CampNation
  • Completed successful summer tour bringing drumming programs to Camp Canadensis, Fieldston Outdoors, Liberty Lake Day Camp, Sesame/ Rockwood Camps, Diamond Ridge Day Camp
  • Appeared as a guest on the CampNation podcast
  • Compiled a list of testimonials and created a killer web page
  • proposed a session “Music Making in Summer Camp”  for the 2011 ACA Tri-State Camp Conference and was accepted to be a panel host and speaker (see you there?!!)

I encourage you to take stock in the work that you have accomplished and share it with the world.

Best Wishes for 2011!


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  • Fran January 2, 2011, 3:55 pm

    Well put!! I hope this a year of continuing success!

  • Mark January 3, 2011, 12:17 pm

    I hope 2011 is even more successful than 2010!

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